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Precautions for use of air disinfector

Datetime:2021-07-26   Views:1103
Precautions for use of air disinfector
1. Cannot be used in hyperspace. The machine is suitable for air disinfection in the space range of ward volume ≤ 60m³.
2. Pay attention to the tightness of the room. During disinfection, doors and windows shall be closed to keep the room airtight. Irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited to enter. The number of indoor personnel shall be reduced as much as possible to ensure the disinfection effect.
3. Pay attention to the surface hygiene of indoor objects. This machine is only effective for air and has no disinfection effect on object surface. If there is more dust on the surface of indoor objects, the disinfection machine will produce secondary dust during operation, resulting in continuous air microbial pollution, which will eventually lead to the failure of disinfection within the specified time. This is also the reason why some environments are unqualified after normal disinfection or bacteria increase instead of decreasing during disinfection. Therefore, before disinfection, the ground, the lower half of the wall and the surfaces of various indoor objects should be cleaned and disinfected first, and all the walls and roofs should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected 1 ~ 2 times a month, and curtains and other items easy to dust collection and dust should not be hung indoors.
4. Selection of disinfection startup time.
Preventive disinfection: Disinfect regularly twice a day for 60 ~ 120min each time.
Dynamic disinfection: the purpose is to control and reduce the secondary pollution to the ambient air during personnel activities. It is generally carried out during the peak period of personnel activities, such as changing the cleaning bed unit, consultation and ward rounds, etc. Make corresponding records after each disinfection.
The air disinfector adopts the principle of physical filtration disinfection of ultraviolet circulating air. Therefore, the space around the air disinfector should be avoided as much as possible to keep the air flowing smoothly, and the good circulation of air should be protected as much as possible.
Maintenance of air disinfector parts: (Note: regular inspection)
1. Controller maintenance: the humidity at the location shall not be too high and keep the controller dry.
2. High efficiency filter, primary filter, electronic dust collector and negative ion brush shall be cleaned and replaced regularly.
3. (Note: the cleaning and replacement time is different according to the use environment. The environment with poor air quality such as infusion hall, outpatient room and corridor is generally cleaned once a month; ICU and hemodialysis room are generally cleaned once every three months; The operating room and newborn room shall be cleaned once every four to six months.)
4. High efficiency filter: the increase of dust will increase the resistance, reduce the air volume or have peculiar smell. It is recommended to replace it once every 6 months.
Primary filter: if there is no damage, it can be cleaned and used continuously.
5. Electronic dust collector: it can be used continuously if there is no damage or deformation. It is recommended to clean it once every 1-3 months.
6. Negative ion brush: if there is no damage, it can be used continuously after cleaning.
7. UV lamp: UV intensity not less than 70? W / cm2, lower than this value must be replaced.
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