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How do kindergartens choose air disinfectors?

Datetime:2021-07-15   Views:1122
With the arrival of winter, the value of dust and haze in the air is also quietly increasing. Winter is also the prone season of influenza. Adults' physique often catch colds and get sick in winter, not to mention babies with weak physical resistance in kindergartens. Therefore, it is very important to face the decline of air quality and how to avoid the spread of infectious diseases.
Affected by the epidemic, kindergartens also began to pay attention to the purification and disinfection of indoor closed air. How to choose air disinfectors for special places such as kindergartens?
Therefore, this paper puts forward some suggestions on the selection of air purification and disinfection machines in kindergartens, because at present, air purification and disinfection machines are hot products in both civil market and medical market. How to select the type becomes very important. Let's simply popularize the knowledge.
The civil air purification and disinfection machine mainly focuses on purification, which is mainly used for haze weather and environment with poor air quality. The medical air disinfection machine not only has the function of purifying air, but also has the function of air disinfection.
Therefore, the air disinfection machines sold in the medical market are also suitable for kindergartens and schools. The product audit based on medical standards is more strict and the standards are more detailed. At present, most kindergartens are more willing to buy air purification and disinfection machines in the medical industry, but the air disinfection machines in the medical market are also divided into three categories, mainly plasma air disinfection machines Ozone air disinfection machine and ultraviolet air disinfection machine. Plasma and ultraviolet rays act on disinfection. At the same time, they have the effect of air purification, are harmless to human body, and can realize man-machine coexistence. While ozone disinfection is harmful to human body, man-machine coexistence cannot be realized. This type of disinfection machine is not recommended for kindergartens and other special places!
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